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When parents are unable to care for their children, appointing a guardian may become necessary. A legal guardian can make healthcare and other important decisions for the child, and perform other tasks such as enrolling the child in school. In some cases, children whose parents are divorcing are appointed limited legal guardians that can help decide custody issues.

Obtaining guardianship is not an easy task. An attentive, reliable Annapolis guardianship lawyer from Cynthia H. Clark & Associates, LLC can advise you about the appropriate methods and practices for your circumstances. They can also help with completion of guardianship forms and other legal paperwork, and, if appointed by a judge, can represent your child’s best interests in court, provided that this does not constitute a conflict of interest.

Basics of guardianship in Maryland for adults and minors

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A legal guardian takes over day-to-day decision making and control of the child from the natural guardian under a court order. Guardianship may be appropriate if the child’s parents:

  • Have passed away
  • Are unable to be located
  • Are not fit to care for the child
  • Are unwilling to care for the child

A friend or family member may petition for guardianship under such circumstances.

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    Challenges facing legal guardians

    In Maryland, you can petition the court to be appointed as either a guardian of a person, guardian of the property, or both. It can be fairly easy if the parents are both in agreement about appointing guardianship to another person. Things may get complicated if one parent is missing or if one or both parents object to the guardianship. If the guardianship is contested, having a knowledgeable Annapolis family law attorney can be invaluable.

    It can take several months to complete the required paperwork, and guardianship decisions often require continued court supervision after appointment. Throughout this long-term undertaking, you will need document preparation and skilled counsel. The help of an experienced Annapolis guardianship lawyer will be integral to your success.

    Maryland courts operate with much scrutiny and painstaking detail to ensure that the individual petitioning for guardianship is the best person to serve as guardian of the child. Judges do not consider the intervention lightly.

    An Annapolis family law attorney can assist you with preparing the petition, attachments, and can represent you during the court process of having a guardian appointed. You can expect your attorney to advise you about responsibilities and plans for your guardianship.

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