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Comprehensive Legal Services for Cases Involving Domestic Violence

Assistance for clients in their time of need

Domestic violence, defined as the act or threat of violence against a member of the same household, can destroy families. Some men, women and children suffer untold physical and emotional traumas, while others have their lives ruined by spurious accusations. The Annapolis-based family law firm of Cynthia H. Clark & Associates, LLC offers skilled representation combined with 30 years of collective experience to clients throughout the state.

Helping families in need

Victims of domestic violence can pursue legal remedies to keep them safe. If you and your abuser live or have lived together for at least 3 months in the last year, have a child together and are married or were married, you may petition for a protective order. If you do not live with or were never married to your abuser, do not have children, have experienced harassment or have had your property damaged, you may apply within 30 days of the event for a peace order. Peace orders and protective orders can be filed in District Court, though protective order may also be filed in Circuit courts.

Both orders are granted on a temporary basis until a hearing can be arranged. During the hearing, a domestic violence attorney can represent you and present evidence that you or your family is unsafe. A final order will last 6 months for a peace order and 12 months for a protective orders, however both orders may be eligible for an extension for up to an additional 6 months.

A final protective order:

  • May give you full custody of your children
  • Will force your abuser to surrender all firearms
  • Forbid your abuser from possessing firearms in the future
  • May entitle you to financial support
  • Could require your abuser to undergo an intervention program

If you wish to modify or rescind a protective or peace order, another petition must be filed. The attorneys of Cynthia H. Clark & Associates, LLC assist clients with modifications as well as initial petitions.

The firm will represent the accused if the attorneys believe the claims are without merit or party is willing to voluntarily consent to certain restrictions on access to spouse and/or children.

An accomplished team

Cynthia H. Clark & Associates, LLC has successfully represented men and women seeking a peace or protective order to secure their families’ safety. The firm has also brought legislation before the Maryland General Assembly designed to help victims of abuse. Attorney Sharon Grosfeld has served on the Maryland State Senate’s Joint Committee on Children, Youth, and Families; during her time there, she put her full support behind bills which protected victims of domestic violence. Her efforts led to many positive changes in Maryland law on behalf of victims.

Types of Cases We Handle

Our attorneys handle a variety of cases, including:

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ModificationsDomestic Violence

Putting an end to domestic violence

The law firm of Cynthia H. Clark & Associates, LLC offers additional services to current clients when they need it most.  Please contact the firm online or call 410-990-0090 for more information.

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