Assistance for Same-Sex Couples Seeking a Divorce or a Partnership Dissolution

Advocating on behalf of LGBT individuals throughout the state

Since January 1, 2013, same-sex couples in Maryland have had all the same marital rights as traditional couples. This includes the right to divorce, or to dissolve a domestic partnership. The family law firm of Cynthia H. Clark & Associates, LLC provides comprehensive representation and guidance to same-sex couples looking to end their marriage or unions, and offers practical guidance to individuals seeking assistance in any manner of family law.

Requirements for divorce and partnership dissolution

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In Maryland, a same-sex couple may divorce provided

  • One spouse currently resides in Maryland, if that is where the original marriage took place, or
  • One spouse has lived in Maryland for a least 12 months, if the original marriage took place out of state

Child custody, child support and alimony follow the same process for same-sex couples as they do for every other couple.

Same-sex divorce and partnership dissolution in Maryland

Couples who are not legally married, but have entered into a domestic partnership, must also meet residency requirements in order to dissolve the union. The firm assists clients who seek an end to their domestic partnership for various reasons, including those who wish to terminate the partnership in order to legally marry within the state.

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    Potential difficulties during a same-sex divorce

    Couples who have a domestic partnership face a few challenges that same-sex couples who are legally married may not. Domestic partners are not protected by the same laws which govern property distribution. Further difficulties may arise when one partner is entitled to federal benefits and pensions. There are further challenges in regards to taxes, especially when it comes to child support, alimony or property distribution.

    For these reasons, it is crucial that LGBT individuals in a domestic partnership seek counsel from an experienced and reputable law firm. The attorneys at Cynthia H. Clark & Associates, LLC have substantial experience working with same-sex couples who seek to end their marriage or their domestic partnership. Every client’s case has the full power of the firm behind it, as the attorneys put their 30 years of collective experience into their team approach to the law.

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