The voices of others help verify the quality of services.

Below are some of the clients we have worked with to validate the quality of services we provide.

Alfred Henderson

“I was very happy with the Peters & Clark law firm and the service they provided me with.”

Legal professional in the Annapolis area

“I found Paula and Cynthia warm and receptive during my time of crisis. They made me feel very comfortable sharing my story. They use their professional expertise to devise creative solutions for protecting me through the process.”

Linda Rivera

“I had just moved to Maryland and wasn’t sure who to turn to. I found the Peters & Clark website and really liked what I saw. I initially spoke with Courtenay and Paula. Courtenay took the lead on my case. She answered all of my questions and was very professional and caring. The one thing she said to me throughout the entire process was that she would never do anything without discussing it with me first. She was correct and there was never a time that I called or emailed her without a response. Courtenay understood my situation and worked with me both emotionally and financially. I felt at ease knowing that she was by my side. She went above and beyond. The entire staff at Peters & Clark was wonderful and was there to help me. I would totally recommend them without hesitation.”

Cindy Anderson

“A friend of mine recommended me to Peters & Clark, PA. Cynthia was phenomenal. She helped me keep my strength through everything. She was very encouraging.”

John Ryan Owner, Ryan, Drewniak & Upshaw, PA

“I have had the pleasure of working with Polly for years. I can say without hesitation that she has taught me a great deal about the importance of civility, candor, and patience when dealing with other lawyers. Her professionalism is simply beyond reproach and anyone that has dealt with her can attest to the fact that if more lawyers followed her example, our profession would be revered instead of the all too often negative views people have of us!”

Former Client

“Paula Peters is a very professional divorce attorney in every way–she is knowledgeable, intelligent, and efficient. She and her staff have cumulatively many years of experience, and they are able to focus quickly on possible avenues of resolution. This firm has earned highest respect from clients in all sectors of the community.”

Former Client

There is no need to shop around….I did that….spent a lot of money doing it….and then found Paula and Cynthia.

From the very beginning there was a comfort level  I had not experienced in any of the prior consultations.  There were smiles.  There were assurances.  There were looks of concern as I told my story.  There were more assurances.  I felt….taken care of.  I was taken care of.  Every time there was a little bump in the road for me….they were there.  Emotionally and professionally.  Their combined knowledge….in the divorce arena….and the corporate world….totally encompassed the issues  I was facing.  I was advised.  Not pushed.  I was allowed to rant.  Allowed to calm down.  All necessary steps to coming to terms with divorcing.  And in the end, came away independent…smiling…..and knowing  I had two of the very best attorneys on my side.

Karen Goldman

Be mindful my friends (and all your friends) in this situation. Can’t recommend Peters & Clark, P.A. enough!

Been there. Done that.


“Paula Peter’s law firm provided exemplary representation on my behalf in a highly contested difficult divorce. My only regret is that I did not engage Paula and her team from the very onset. This is an excellent legal team that is able to handle straight forward uncontested matters to very complicated and difficult ones. I would highly recommend this firm for all your domestic and divorce matters.”

Mike Boryk

“Polly was extremely effective at controlling the opposing party and counsel throughout my divorce. I settled the case for less than I had expected. I’ve recommended her several times since and will continue to do so.”

Jean McKinley

“Cynthia Clark was my attorney in a divorce proceeding of over a year in which she managed innumerable emails, conference calls, updates and inquiries on my behalf as three different opposing counselors were retained in the course of that year. The divorce settlement ultimately negotiated was obtained with her excellent guidance and well-considered advice. I also cannot thank her enough for the dignity she brought to my situation and the respect she gave me. Although I wanted this divorce, the situation I was left in was strikingly silent of information from my ex-spouse. Cynthia helped me find and understand the facts of my situation, which means I better understand my resources as I move on.”

Joy Kimmelman-Lewis

“Today, I am graduating Summa Cum Laude from the physical therapist assistant program at AACC. Thank you Paula for fighting for my rights to my future after my divorce. I did it! :D”

Ellen Lewis

“Paula’s knowledge and experience with family law is second to none. Divorce is an emotionally gut wrenching time and navigating through the complex legal system can be difficult. I vastly appreciated Paula’s support, commitment, and no nonsense advice during my process.”

Former Client

“Cynthia’s in-depth knowledge of federal and state laws regarding military pensions and civil service pensions were tantamount in my successful outcome. I couldn’t have been more pleased with the expert representation from Ms. Clark.”

Former Client

“Courtenay was very responsive and prompt on getting information out. She was very helpful and up front with me and I felt like she was in my corner fighting for me the entire time. I would highly recommend the Peters & Clark law firm to others.”

Kathy Taylor

“I have to admit, when I thought about lawyers, I cringed. Maybe it was the stereotypical pot-bellied, older, cigar-smoking, money-grubbing gent emblazoned in my mind from watching too many old movies or perhaps it was because one rarely requires the services of an attorney for “joyous” occasions. Either way, I went to the Peters and Clark Law Firm a little bit leery and a lot depressed about my husband’s adultery and abandonment.

I met with both Paula and Cynthia and was told that Cynthia would be handling my case. From our first meeting, I liked her. She is bright in personality as well as in intellect and Cynthia has a contagious energy about her that inspired me up to pick myself up and see that I was worth fighting for.

Being a Yale Law School graduate, Cynthia obviously has a brain, but just as important is that she has a heart, as well; a big one that enabled her to empathize with me and my situation. She talked with me as a person and not just as a client, sincerely speaking words of encouragement and humor as well as giving me sound, strategic, legal advice. Cynthia didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear; she told me what I needed to hear. She helped me detach myself from the emotions of a very emotional event and motivated me to match her highly professional demeanor.

The divorce went to trial and, there, Cynthia shined. Her amount of preparation was obvious. She read every sentence of every document, knew the financials better than I and asked questions that never even occurred to me to ask. There is no real winner in divorce, but if I had to name one, it would be me, due mostly because I had Cynthia to lead me through.”

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