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Skilled counsel regarding family issues for traditional and LGBTQ marriages, Parole, Maryland

Divorcing couples face a unique set of challenges when they have children. Those challenges can be amplified by your career, by your financial status or by any of the myriad outside influences a couple faces every day. At Cynthia H. Clark & Associates, LLC, clients’ individual needs and goals are given the time and attention they require to be brought to fruition. The firm offers high-quality counsel to clients throughout Maryland who seek a fair, equitable and just resolution to their problems.

What Is Important When Choosing a Family Law Attorney

If “family law” is about family-related issues and challenges, the right family law attorney is one who has the experience, skills and resources to create solutions that work in your best interest. You can learn more about choosing a family law attorney in the following video:

What is “family law” in Maryland?

The term “family law” is a catch-all phrase which refers to all matters of family-related issues or challenges. For some families, this may mean an impending divorce and all that it entails: dividing property, determining alimony, modifying agreements, and so forth. For others, it could mean modifying a custody order, seeking visitation with grandchildren, or starting the process of growing a family through adoption.

In short, family law counsel is concerned with families: spouses, parents and children, and, on occasion, other relatives whose lives intersect with the lives of our clients. The most common issues our clients come to us for include:

Child CustodyChild Support
Parental RelocationDivorce
Complex Property DivisionAlimony
ModificationsDomestic Violence

At Cynthia H. Clark & Associates, LLC, each case is custom-built to suit individual clients’ needs. Our Annapolis-based office is a safe and secure place where clients can express their wishes and outline their goals. Our attorneys provide comprehensive counsel, rooted in years of experience, to families of all kinds throughout Maryland. The firm’s team approach to practicing law ensures that every client’s case is studied from multiple perspectives, allowing us to present multiple options and strategies for proceeding.

A respected Maryland family law firm helping clients move forward

The attorneys of Cynthia H. Clark & Associates, LLC put their substantial experience in the practice of family law to work for clients in Parole Maryland. To reserve a consultation with a dedicated Annapolis family law attorney, please call 410-990-0090 or fill out the firm’s contact form.

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