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A court order, agreement or decree is not set in stone. When a person’s circumstances change, the court may modify an order to ensure that both parties involved are safe and treated fairly under the law. At Cynthia H. Clark & Associates, LLC, clients in need of a modification are assisted thoroughly yet expediently through the process. With more than 75 collective years of experience the attorneys ensure that all petitions are filed correctly, and that those in need of legal representation during hearings are given their best shot at justice.

Modifying family law documents

The lawyers of Cynthia H. Clark & Associates, LLC have the skills and experience necessary to successfully present a case for modification of:

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  • Child support agreements. The firm understands that clients’ circumstances can change, sometimes virtually overnight. The firm has successfully represented clients who needed their child support agreements modified, or who sought assistance with enforcement or back-payments.
  • Child custody agreements. Relocation, a change in health or the loss of a job can affect how one parent is physically able to care for their children. Whether parents seek an amicable child custody resolution to a changing life situation or are embroiled in a high-conflict divorce, the firm has the experience and resources to serve its clients’ best interests. The firm also advances the goals of clients who serve in the military, and the attorneys understand the unique challenges facing these families.
  • Alimony agreements. As with child support and custody, a change in situation or finances can affect a payor’s ability to meet alimony requirements. A new marriage or a death in the family may also affect alimony.
  • Protective orders. A protective order is put in place to protect a person from an abusive partner. If a person chooses to rescind a protective order, or if a person wishes to seek an extension of an existing order, the attorneys can assist clients through such processes.
  • Separation agreements. For couples who have not yet decided to legally divorce, a separation agreement may be used to govern custody, property division or even health insurance in the event of a divorce. Cynthia H. Clark & Associates, LLC can assist clients seeking to modify a separation agreement.

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