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Experienced Maryland Divorce and Family Law Attorneys

Helping families throughout the state move forward

The practice of “family law” requires more than legal acumen and skill: it requires the ability to anticipate problems before they arise, and develop solution to those potential issues. After all, an entire family’s future could hang in the balance. The attorneys of the Annapolis-based law firm of Cynthia H. Clark & Associates, LLC put their collective 30 years of experience to work on behalf of clients throughout Maryland, who are facing some of the most challenging and emotionally draining decisions of their adult lives. No matter how complex your particular needs or goals are, you can rest assured that they will be addressed and handled by a team who puts your interests first.

Reliable guidance from a trusted source

The firm provides a wide array of services for clients in need. The attorneys work hard to maintain their well-earned reputations for handling complex claims with ease and discretion. At Cynthia H. Clark & Associates, LLC you are guided by an experienced Maryland family lawyer through:

  • Divorce. Whether you and your spouse are looking to end your marriage or are seeking a separation agreement, your best interests are always taken to heart. The firm also prepares divorce decree modifications for clients show circumstances have changed over time, and provides aggressive counsel in regards to alimony and support. The firm also has the resources to handle the challenges that come with high-asset divorces as well.
  • Property division. By assessing the true value of property, including businesses and joint holdings, the Maryland divorce attorneys of Cynthia H. Clark & Associates, LLC can offer an honest evaluation for complex property division. When negotiations fail, the firm is fully capable of representing their clients’ needs in court.
  • Child support and custody agreements. The state of Maryland believes that child custody should be determined based on what is best for the children. Child support, however, is calculated using a series of predetermined factors. The firm offers comprehensive representation on behalf of its clients’ best interests, striving to create child support and custody plans that fulfill those needs under the law and protect those who are at risk of harm.

Special challenges in family law

Cynthia H. Clark & Associates, LLC understands that some families face unique challenges. As proud supporters of the LGBTQ community, the firm offers in-depth and progressive solutions for same-sex couples in Maryland now facing the end of their marriages. Of particular interest to the firm are cases regarding child custody, support and parentage. The attorneys have the skills and resources necessary to handle same-sex custody claims that arise when:

  • One partner donates an egg, and the other partner carries that egg.
  • A couple uses an egg or sperm donation from a person they know (as opposed to a licensed facility), and then that person wishes to claim maternity or paternity.
  • A child is born as the result of an affair, and the spouse wishes to maintain rights to a child that is not his.
  • A couple freezes embryos for a later date, and then divorces – and one partner wishes to keep the embryos, and one wishes to have them destroyed.
  • One spouse is awarded frozen embryos as part of a divorce settlement, chooses to have the child, and now seeks child support from the original egg or sperm donor.

Whether you a part of a same-sex couple or not, cases such as these should be handled by an experienced Maryland family law attorney.

Support for military families

There are many laws and regulations in place when a military couple wishes to end their marriage. Cynthia H. Clark & Associates, LLC is well versed in these laws, and assists clients who are active or reserve duty, retired, or civilians who are married to a member of the armed forces. From child custody and support to dividing military pensions and QDROs, the Maryland military divorce lawyers of the firm offer you honest, practical guidance to help you reach your goals.

A premier family law firm serving clients throughout Maryland

Cynthia H. Clark & Associates, LLC provides comprehensive, customized family law services for Maryland families. To speak with an experienced Family law or divorce attorney about your needs, please call 410-990-0090 or fill out the firm’s contact form, and reserve your consultation time. From the home office in Annapolis, the attorneys serve clients throughout the state.

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