Actor Tyrese Struggles With Ongoing Child Custody Disputes

Maryland parents who are involved in custody disputes may have experience with a spouse that resists court-ordered custody arrangements. Well-known entertainer Tyrese is again engaged in the ongoing custody feud that has defined much of his relationship with his young daughter, proving that celebrities sometimes experience the same family law issues as less-famous folks.

Recent reports show that the man was denied access to the 6-year-old child, even though he was scheduled to participate in a child custody transfer. The actor’s ex-wife refused to turn over the girl during a Feb. 11 encounter, which ultimately ended up involving the police and at least one entertainment news outlet. The actor is planning a legal response to the custody debacle.

Tyrese’s representatives tell sources that the entertainer’s ex-wife refused to hand over the child, possibly because she was sick at the time of the scheduled transfer. The man’s publicity team said that Tyrese called police to the scene, while his ex-wife allegedly notified popular news outlet “TMZ.” Authorities have not confirmed which parent sought help from police officers.

The actor and his ex-wife have been feuding over child custody matters since 2009 when their divorce became official. The ex-wife has recently filed legal accusations alleging that the man was ignoring his child’s needs. Reports show that the famous actor traveled abroad after the recent death of his “Fast & Furious” co-star Paul Walker. The child’s mother believes Tyrese should have spent time with his daughter in the United States, instead.

Even celebrities can become involved in ongoing custody disputes. Maryland parents who are concerned about provisions in their child custody arrangements may benefit from a consultation with a family attorney. These professionals can provide additional information about legal options for embattled parents.

Source: BET, “Tyrese Clashes With Ex-Wife Over Custody Agreement” Latifah Muhammad, Feb. 13, 2014