Jan Jan 19, 2020

Things to keep in mind when healing after a divorce

When a marriage comes to an end, no matter how long it lasted, it can be a very difficult time for all involved. Often times the healing that occurs after a divorce can feel just as stressful as the divorce itself. One may wish for what used to be, one may choose to harbor resentment [...]

Jan Jan 5, 2020

Emergence of Pet Custody Disputes

Often times, a client will be sitting in their attorney’s office discussing settlement terms of their divorce matter. They will say “she can have the timeshare … I don’t care about the Porsche … but under no circumstances can she have Fido!” Fido, or course, is not one of the parties’ children. He is the [...]

Dec Dec 29, 2019

Restoration of Former/Maiden Name

When a party divorces, often times a spouse will desire to be restored to their former name they had prior to their marriage.   Under current Maryland law, a spouse who took on the other party’s name during the marriage may be restored to any former name 1) if they no longer wish to use [...]

Dec Dec 2, 2019

Financial Preparation for Divorce

Financial preparation for divorce is a large part of discussion when filing for a divorce in Maryland. It is important to review your financial situation when considering a separation to make sure you have a handle on your current financial position. Review your debt and expenses. What are your monthly household expenses? If you are [...]

Nov Nov 25, 2019

Co-Parenting: The Transition from Spouses to Former Spouses

Co-Parenting is one of the biggest concerns parents have when going through a divorce and/or separation is how the transition will affect their children. Adjusting to a new schedule and routine is hard on children, and parents should strive to ease as much stress on their children as they can. A key way of achieving [...]

Nov Nov 18, 2019

Pets now subject to custody determination in Alaskan divorce matters

Everyone understands that divorces can be messy, tension-filled and highly confrontational. Amongst other disagreements, most soon to be former spouses argue over the division of personal property items – who is going to get the antique vase? The collection of artwork and paintings? The flat screen televisions? The expensive jewelry? and even the pets in [...]

Oct Oct 15, 2019

Valuation of Marital Assets

One question we are often posed with when negotiating marital settlement agreements when there is a division of assets to be determined is what date is to be used to value those assets – date of separation or date of divorce. The question is not a simple one to answer.   Md. Family Law Code [...]

Sep Sep 18, 2019

Helping a Friend or Loved One through Divorce

Divorce is an already paralyzing event for many men and women, and it comes with a flurry of emotions. Guilt, anger, jealousy, fear, and betrayal can be just the tip of the iceberg, depending on the circumstances under which the parties are splitting up. Friends and loved ones may have a similar feeling of betrayal, [...]

Sep Sep 5, 2019

Are Final Judgments Always Final in Maryland Divorces?

At the end of your divorce proceedings, the court will issue a divorce decree. It is the formal order (sometimes called the final judgment) that says your marriage is over. A divorce decree is issued in limited divorce cases and in absolute divorce cases. However, just because the divorce decree is a legally binding document, [...]

Jul Jul 24, 2019

5 Interesting Divorce Facts and Trends

Humans are complicated creatures. Two people can fall passionately in love and move heaven and earth to be together – yet when things go south, they become filled with a vengeful rage and will stop at nothing to get out of the marriage. Given the fascinating nature of the dynamics of human relationships, a lot [...]

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