Alimony: Will I Receive It or Have to Pay It?

Many clients, when they come in, are concerned about alimony; whether they will receive it or whether they’ll have to pay it. We have two kinds of alimony in Maryland. The first is transitional alimony, which is paid for a specific length of time, and the purpose of it is to allow one of the spouses to gain additional training so that they can be self-supporting. An example would be, when someone wants to be an accountant but requires two more years of college. In that situation we would be looking at that two-year period of time, perhaps, in order to obtain transitional alimony.

The second is indefinite alimony. In order to be awarded indefinite alimony a court would have to find that, even after a spouse has done everything she or he can to become self-supporting, there will still be an unconscionable disparity in the standard of living of the parties. In determining whether it would be unconscionable, the court has to take into account a number of factors, probably the most important of which is the length of the marriage.

If you would like us to help you decide whether there’s a likelihood that you will receive or pay alimony, we would be happy to have you come in, so we can go over the facts of your marriage with you, and help you make a decision about that.

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