Avoid Child-Rearing Issues During Back-to-School Season

If New Year’s Day marks the beginning of divorce season, what does the end of summer mark? Since most divorces that began in January will be finalizing right about now, just before the school season begins, it marks the end of divorce season. Newly-single parents will therefore be facing a variety of child-rearing issues that they may not have considered as their children go back to school. Fortunately, there are a few things that parents can do to make the transition easier for their kids.

First, it is important to follow the specialized child custody plans that were likely agreed to during one’s divorce proceedings. These plans outline where the children will sleep, where they will go after school, and who is responsible for picking them up and taking care of them on weekends and school days. Sticking to this plan closely can help children feel more stable during the new school year. It can help parents feel more stable as well.

The strategic use of technology can help also parents improve their communication — both with themselves and with their kids. A shared online calendar, for example, can help parents organize after-school activities, homework due dates, parenting time schedules, and other special events.

Favorite teachers and counselors should also be told about one’s divorce proceedings. Indeed, children do not always have the courage or tools to effectively express their feelings. These feelings may come to the surface, though, in the form of drug abuse, bullying, or poor grades. Having teachers aware of what is going home can help monitor a child’s behavior for signs of him or her having a hard time.

While there are many other strategies that divorced parents can employ to avoid child-rearing issues during back-to-school season, there are also situations that sound planning cannot resolve — such as a disagreement between parents on the terms of a divorce agreement. Indeed, in the event that one parent is not following the terms of a divorce agreement, legal measures can be taken to ensure his or her compliance with the law.

Source: The Huffington Post, “5 Back to School Strategies for Divorced or Divorcing Parents” Cheryl and Joe Dillon, Aug. 08, 2014