Avoiding Child Custody and Other Divorce Problems Over Holidays

Being divorced on Christmas can present new challenges. Indeed, many newly divorced Maryland residents find the holidays one of the most difficult times of the year from an emotional standpoint, and the intensity of those emotions may take them by surprise. However, there are a few things individuals can do to keep the spirits high this holiday season.

If you have children, you may find it more difficult buying presents and taking care of the holiday responsibilities by yourself. One thing you can try is to maintain the tradition of decorating your home and other traditions that your family used to do, but simplify them. Put out less decorations. Ask for help when cooking holiday meals, and try making them less elaborate. This will help keep the holiday stressors at a minimum.

It is also advisable not to spend your holidays alone. If you do not have children, make sure to spend the holidays with family or with a friend. Most people will probably extend an invitation to you if you are alone during the holidays. Also, try not to argue about who the kids will spend a particular holiday with, where possible. Visitation schedules should have already been pinned down for holidays in the divorce agreement but even if a disagreement does arise, try to remember that your children will be happier if you and your ex-spouse do not fight over them.

If child-rearing issues and family time do become an insurmountable hurdle during the holidays, a divorce attorney or family law attorney may be able to help. Just remember to try and keep conflict at a minimum and that less stress means a happier holiday season for everyone.

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