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Aug Aug 1, 2014

Jailed Father Who Overpaid Child Support Finally Released

A father, who was imprisoned in a southwest state after technically overpaying his child support, has been released. The man's lawyer announced that he secured his release on July 2 during a standard jail review hearing. Allegedly, the man was imprisoned because he was behind on his child support payments -- due to no fault [...]

Jul Jul 25, 2014

Facebook Used as Evidence in Deadbeat Parent Child Support Cases

These days, Facebook has become a big part of the lives of Maryland residents and others all over the nation. Evidence gleaned from social media websites is even being used to incriminate people. Take the issue of child support, for example. Authorities in different parts of the United States are using evidence from Facebook brags [...]

Jul Jul 11, 2014

Maryland Parents Late on Child Support Could be Incarcerated

Single fathers and mothers in Maryland struggle to pay their child support obligations on time, and most are capable of doing so. However, in some cases, financial troubles may cause a parent to be unable to pay the child support that he or she owes. In such situations, it is vital that parents know they [...]

Jun Jun 19, 2014

Singer Required to Pay More in Monthly Child Support

The singer and actor, Marc Anthony, has been ordered to pay more money in child support to his ex-wife, Dayanara Torres, for the two children they had together. The increase in the singer's child support obligation comes after Torres filed for an increase on the basis of changes in her lifestyle and her need to [...]

Jun Jun 13, 2014

Halle Barry Reaches Child Support Agreement with Gabriel Aubry

A judge recently granted approval for a child support settlement between Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry, her ex-boyfriend. The settlement governs the amount of child support Berry will pay to Aubry for living expenses relating to their child, a 6-year-old girl. A Superior Court judge approved the settlement at the end of May. The settlement [...]

May May 8, 2014

Withholding Visitation if No Child Support is Paid in Maryland

May Visitation or access be withheld from a non-custodial parent if that parent fails to pay child support in Maryland? No, not under Maryland law.  The obligation to pay child support is separate and distinct from a parent's right to visitation and access with one's child.  If there is an order to pay child support, [...]

May May 5, 2014

I Am Not Going To Pay Child Support

"I am going to jail before I pay her child support and alimony."  we often hear out clients say.  We aways chuckle to ourselves because it is obvious that the people who say that have never been to jail and have no idea what it is like in there.    We once had a professional [...]

Apr Apr 25, 2014

Parents Could Receive Child Support Amnesty, Avoid Jail

Maryland's neighboring state of New Jersey wants its parents to commit to "Do the Right Thing for Your Kids." That is why the state's office of Child Support Services is offering a get-out-of-jail free opportunity for parents who are in arrears for their child support payments. Parents who are facing possible arrest for their overdue [...]

Apr Apr 25, 2014

Will Mortgage Lenders Count Child Support and Alimony?

Will mortgage lenders count child support and alimony?  The simple answer is "that depends"  Qualification for mortgages in Maryland is more strict than it has been in the past. Your Annapolis, Maryland lawyer will work with you to develop a schedule of payments to assist you iwhether you are  refinancing the mortgage on the family [...]

Apr Apr 4, 2014

Tax Day is Almost Here

When we think of taxes children we immediately think of the tax exemption for children.  The tax considerations greater than simply to who gets the exemptions. There are a number of other expenses which also go with the children.  In order to determine what law applies to you, you need some professional guidance. TAX EXEMPTION [...]

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