Maryland Parents Late on Child Support Could be Incarcerated

Single fathers and mothers in Maryland struggle to pay their child support obligations on time, and most are capable of doing so. However, in some cases, financial troubles may cause a parent to be unable to pay the child support that he or she owes. In such situations, it is vital that parents know they could be arrested and jailed as a result of getting behind.

Indeed, in one southern state, authorities recently took to the streets to arrest dozens of individuals who were late on paying child support. A total of 40 parents were taken into custody as a part of the law enforcement operation, which is referred to as Operation Take Care. Police in the county that was conducting the operation says they have a total of 575 more arrest warrants on file for child support violations and plan to continue serving the warrants and arresting more parents.

In addition to the arrests, a large number of allegedly delinquent mothers and fathers have come forward voluntarily to avoid being taken into custody and to make payment arrangements for the child support they owe. Authorities are hoping that even more parents come forward. However, they will continue to locate late-paying parents and serve arrest warrants when and where necessary.

Due to the threat of temporary incarceration and other serious legal consequences, Maryland parents late on child support will want to address the matter as quickly as possible. Fortunately, state family courts are well aware of the fact that economic conditions can change in an instant. A parent may require an adjustment to lower his or her child’s support obligations to reflect the parent’s new economic reality. Nevertheless, parents must act quickly if they want to apply for a child support modification. Otherwise, they face the threat of arrest and other consequences after getting behind.

Source: KPRC, “Dozens arrested in child support roundup,” June 28, 2014