Colts Owner Asked to Give Testimony in a Child Custody Dispute

Jim Isray, the owner of the Colts, has been ordered to give his testimony as part of a child support hearing. The father of the children in the child custody suit has asked for Isray to be barred from having contact with his kids. The mother of the children is currently living in a home that Isray owns. Their father believes that Isray is a drug addict and therefore, should not be allowed to see his kids.

In a letter written to the court, the father said that he does not want his children to be subjected to substance abuse behavior. He further wrote that money cannot buy self respect or morals.

According to court papers, the children were allegedly at home with their mother, in the house that Isray owns, when Isray was arrested for DUI just blocks away. The father of the children claims that the Colts owner’s court testimony will reveal what kind of conditions his children are forced to endure at their home. The man has also requested Isray’s medical records be presented as evidence of his addictions, which would negatively influence his children.

Parents in Maryland who are in the midst of a child custody disagreement with an ex-spouse who has a drug addiction problem may be able to use evidence of the addiction to their favor inchild custody proceedings. Maryland family courts always strive to make decisions in the best interest of the child, and in cases where children are in danger of being exposed to drug addiction and/or other types of unlawful behavior, the courts will make appropriate decisions to safeguard and protect the children from such exposure.

Source: Source: NBC Sports, “Jim Irsay ordered to testify in child custody case,” Michael David Smith, July 9, 2014