Fault and No-Fault Grounds for Divorce in Maryland

Maryland has a really interesting mixture of fault and no-fault grounds for divorce. Some of the fault grounds are:

  • Adultery
  • A desertion, which is leaving the home without just cause and having been gone for more than a year
  • A constructive desertion, which often includes violence, but there can be other behaviors as well

There are then two no-fault grounds. One is a separation for one year, which has been continuous and when there is no hope of a reconciliation. The second no-fault ground has very limited use; in that case the parties have to agree to divorce. They have to have a written agreement that settles all financial issues, and there have to be no minor children.

In addition, both spouses have to appear in court and acknowledge that they both want to be divorced based on mutual consent.

Since these grounds are all very fact driven we would be happy for you to come in so that we can review your situation with you, and see where you fit in these different grounds. Please call our office and we would be very happy to talk with you.

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