How to Co-parent With Your Spouse’s Ex

When Maryland parents are hashing out their initial child custody arrangements, it is unlikely that they are thinking about their own remarriages. Blended families are becoming the norm throughout many American regions, however, and managing children from previous marriages can present some difficulties. Imagine being a parent who is trying to juggle custody arrangements for your kids and your new spouse’s children! Not only must you co-parent with your ex, but you are also co-parenting with your spouse’s ex. Although children often benefit from having more loving adults in their lives, this situation has the potential to be exasperating.

You may be concerned that you have nothing in common with your spouse’s ex. What if she is a high-powered professional, and you are a laid-back mom? Even though it may seem difficult to get along with your other co-parent, keep in mind that you have a lot in common: the kids. All of the parents in these situations ostensibly love their children and want to protect their welfare. No matter what stage of development these kids occupy, they need the love and support of all family members.

It is important to be flexible when co-parenting with your spouse’s ex. That other parent might be more likely to see your children on a given day, which means that they have a different type of relationship with your kids. While you might be able to drop everything to make a pediatrician’s appointment, for example, your co-parent might be better at organizing school-related activities. Do not harbor resentment toward the other parent; instead, try to fit your parenting duties to each person’s skills and preferences.

Maryland co-parents can work together to raise successful children through teamwork. Introducing another party may seem like a daunting task, but additional family members can be blessings in disguise. Be flexible and use teamwork to build a strong support network for all children in your household.

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