Maryland Divorce Rates May Not Be As Bad As We Thought

Although this blog typically discusses the difficulties of divorce, like property division and child custody, there is some good news for all married couples out there. According to the New York Times website, the idea that half of all marriages in the United States will end in divorce — and that it is only getting worse — is not actually true.

New research suggests that approximately 70 percent of people who were married in the 1990s made it to their 15th anniversary. This is an improvement from marriages that began in the 70s and 80s, which only had about a 65 percent chance of making it to their 15th year. People who got married during the 2000s have an even lower likelihood of divorce, it appears.

If the statistics prove true, about two-thirds of all marriages will escape divorce altogether. However, it seems that declining divorce rates are only benefiting those who have completed higher education. Individuals who do not have college degrees appear to have the divorce rate as those individuals married in the 70s and 80s.

Clearly, divorce has not disappeared altogether, but it is certainly heartening to hear something positive about marriage. Indeed, even for those who are engaged in property division, child custody and other types of divorce negotiations, it is nice to know that — should they choose to marry again — second marriage could have a higher chance of success than previously believed.

Maryland residents who are currently thinking about divorce and/or in the midst of a divorce may be able to benefit from sound counsel from an experienced divorce attorney. An attorney can help divorcing individuals navigate the legal and financial complexities of the divorce process with success.

Source:, “NYT: Divorce rate has been declining since 90s” Sam R. Hall, Dec. 02, 2014