Maryland Separation Agreements

Divorce does not always have to be difficult. Indeed, the bitterness and disagreements that are commonly associated with a divorce can be mitigated through a negotiated legal separation agreement. We assist clients in easing their divorce tensions through such mediated agreements.

One of the biggest issues of divorce relates to property disputes. For example, if the dispute involves business assets, the value of those assets has to be determined prior to them being divided. These issues can be complex because different business appraisal experts can have different ideas about how much a particular business is worth. This is where experienced legal counsel is key to protecting one’s rights.

Our law firm specializes in the discovery and proper disclosure of marital assets of all varieties. We handle appraisals for real and personal property. Business valuations are also a common area that we handle when it comes to legal separation agreements.

Maryland spouses are always encouraged to utilize mediation services when possible because it can help them resolve divorce disputes through mutual agreement. By avoiding litigation proceedings through a mediated separation agreement, divorces are usually faster, less costly, and less emotionally taxing.

Indeed, when a well-organized separation agreement can be drafted, it can be a boon to both sides of a Maryland marriage, while helping them honor their time and history together in the most peaceful fashion possible. Ultimately, every divorce must be handled on a case-by-case basis, but a mediated divorce agreement can further help prevent many of the pitfalls that can occur after a divorce. Our web pages on separation agreements and divorce can provide more information.