Music Artist Resolves Child Custody Dispute With Ex

The music artist named Future has settled a child support and child custody dispute regarding his 11-year-old son. The rapper — who is famous for the song “Turn on the Lights” — has agreed to pay the mother of his child more money in child support so that she and the child can relocate to a better school district.

Specifically, the singer will pay approximately double his previous child support amount of $1,200 per month. The ex-couple also settled a child custody dispute regarding who the child spends holidays with. Another part of the agreement involved the mother moving to a new area, where the child can enroll in a better school.

The settlement reached in this family law matter is indicative of how such disputes can be resolved in a lot of different ways. Indeed, Maryland parents can reach a settlement agreement with the mother or father of their child to change residence so that the child will live closer to them. Some may — like Future in this case — may also choose to make an agreement so that the child will attend a better school. Depending on the needs, wants, or goals of both parents, they may also be able to negotiate the amount of child support payments and vacation time arrangements in order to achieve their goals.

Future recently became the father of another child, his fourth, with his current wife-to-be. Whether they will have any more children in the “future” and whether those children will later become the focus of another child support or child custody legal dispute will remain to be seen.

Source:, “Future Settles Child Support And Custody Battle With Ex” Aug. 01, 2014