Property Division Disputes in Maryland

Aside from child custody disagreements, usually the most difficult issue that divorcing couples face involves property division. Indeed, property division proceedings can make or break an individual’s financial circumstances depending on the outcome. For that reason, Maryland residents will want to be as informed as possible going into such proceedings.

During your Maryland property division proceedings, the Law Offices of Paula J. Peters, P.A. will assess each party’s contribution to your marital estate — both in monetary and non-monetary terms. We will also look at any kind of misconduct that caused the dissolution of the marriage. The duration of the marriage, both spouse’s ages and health conditions and a variety of other factors will also be important to review in a property division case.

The more experienced a divorce attorney is, the more he or she will be able to help you protect your rights and ensure that you are fairly treated in the property division process. A lawyer must also have the ability to create a good attorney-client relationship of trust and confidence. Indeed, attorney-client communication and trust are essential in promoting favorable outcomes in any family law proceeding.

Sometimes, one side may try to argue that certain assets are marital assets when they are actually not. Other times, a spouse may try to argue the opposite. Depending on which side you are on, this could have a dramatic impact on your finances. It is important that individuals are aggressively represented in cases like this, whenever their property division rights are being threatened in divorce proceedings.