Property Division Drama in Store for Podesta Pair

Divorce documents have just been released in connection with the breakup of high-profile political power couple Heather and Tony Podesta. The pair, active in the national political scene, may be preparing for a contentious split, as both members attempt to maintain their business brand for future use. Maryland couples who are divorcing after building their businesses together may face similar struggles as this Washington, D.C., pair during the property division process.

Although the couple is reportedly arguing over a large collection of art, the primary point of contention in this divorce appears to be all business. The members of this couple both built themselves up as industry insiders, but the man is taking credit for the lion’s share of the woman’s success. News reports show that he is accusing his soon-to-be ex-wife of using his name and associated reputation to build her own business empire. Courtroom documents say that the man introduced his wife to important people and processes that could lead her to success as a high-powered lobbyist. The man explains that his contacts and experience contributed greatly to the woman’s meteoric rise in the political scene.

The woman’s perspective appears to be more egalitarian; she says that she worked cooperatively with the man to build a political presence in the nation’s capital. Her divorce-related documents show that she is seeking possession of the family home; she is justifying that request by pointing out that she oversaw a massive renovation of that house over a period of several years. Her courtroom documents focus on equitable distribution, according to insider reports. She wants a fair share of the couple’s extensive collection of artwork, in addition to other specific assets.

Even high-powered government couples need help sorting out their marital property during a breakup. A Maryland attorney may help those with unusual assets — such as this couple’s collection of 1,300 pieces of art — achieve equitable distribution. Attorneys may provide guidance throughout complex property divisions, facilitating complex valuation for a fair split of property obtained during the marriage.

Source: Politico, “Heather and Tony Podesta divorce documents released” Tal Kopan & Lucy McCalmont, Apr. 11, 2014