‘Teen Mom’ Star Pursues Legal Separation From Husband

Scores of Maryland residents are familiar with the “Teen Mom” show on MTV. Although this show deals with a variety of parenting and family law concerns, legal separation is not always at the forefront of the cast’s issues. However, one of the stars of the show has decided to pursue legal separation after being married to her husband for just two months. The star, Jenelle Evans, reportedly is trying to distance herself from her spouse in order to avoid involvement in his legal problems. The husband, Courtland Rogers, has had some legal issues with drugs.

Evans said her mother and other relatives were shocked that she was thinking about pursuing a divorce from her current husband. Now, the young woman is not only planning to divorce her first husband, but she is also considering marrying another young man. Relatives speculate that Evans is considering the remarriage so quickly because she thinks a stable home life would help her receive full custody of her child. That little boy is currently living with Evans’ mother, according to news reports.

Evans has been active on social media, explaining her excitement about the impending divorce. The young woman and her new beau are reportedly expecting a child. Celebrity news sources indicate that Evans’ first marriage was conducted in secret; the second set of nuptials is likely to be more heavily publicized.

Legal separation can be an important first step toward divorce. Couples who want to learn more about the differences between Maryland divorce and legal separation may benefit from a family law attorney’s advice. These professionals may be able to provide additional information to help couples who are experiencing a wide variety of life changes.

Source: Examiner, “‘Teen Mom’ star Jenelle Evans pushing for divorce from Courtland” No author given, Feb. 18, 2014