Telling Kids About The Need For Therapy

If your Maryland divorce has caused emotional issues for your kids, consider the fact that therapy might be in the best interests of the child. Children who are surrounded by the adult problems that accompany the dissolution of a marriage can develop emotional difficulties that cannot be resolved through simple family support. When you have decided to send your child to therapy, however, you may be wondering just how to break the news; after all, this is an unusual event. Experts recommend a certain course of action when you are preparing to send your children to a mental health professional.

First, find a calm moment when you can easily introduce the idea of therapy. This is not a good topic for times when anger or anxiety dominates the conversation. Further, if you are angry when you deliver the news, your child may view therapy as a form of punishment, causing even more hesitancy. It is also critical to explain exactly what therapy involves. Tell them that doctors exist to help heal the body, but they are also available for healing emotions. Framing the decision as a helpful way for children to talk out their difficulties with someone who is not their parents is often beneficial for everyone.

Parents should also be sure to explain why they think their child needs therapy. For example, if your children are having nightmares or difficulty getting along at school, you can identify these as potential issues. Demonstrate compassion by empathizing with your kids’ plight. An understanding attitude can go a long way toward introducing therapy to your children.

Finally, if your kids seem reluctant to attend therapy, do not give up. Remain calm and remember that your child’s therapist is best equipped to determine whether treatment is still necessary. Working closely with this professional can help your children get through the demanding early days of a child custody agreement.

Source:, “When your child needs therapy: Tips for breaking the news and smoothing the way” Kate Scharff, Oct. 07, 2013