Using Pets To Ease Divorce Stress For Kids

Divorce is one of the most stressful times for children. This period of tumult and upheaval can be ameliorated by the presence of one important living thing: a pet. Child custody experts say that family pets can be among the most beneficial factors for children going through a family split. Kids should be able to have unlimited access to the family pet. If you do not yet have a furry friend, you might consider obtaining one quickly after the divorce.

In the United States, some 65 percent of households have pets. About 39 percent of those have dogs, while 34 percent own one or more cats. Pets are beneficial to youngsters for a variety of reasons. Animals provide unconditional love and support for children going through upheaval. Your pets will not judge, and they will always listen. Pets will never judge children for their emotions; whether they feel sad, sluggish, angry or relieved, they can communicate to their pets without negative consequences.

Pets also bring a sense of security to young children. Even in the midst of a divorce, when children might feel lonely and somewhat abandoned, their pets will always be there. This is evident during early childhood, but teens also benefit from the animals’ support. Furthermore, pets can provide a great bridge for communicating with adults. Your kids can relate to you by discussing the dog or cat, even when it seems like you have nothing else in common.

Finally, pets are great stress relievers. Playing fetch or running with a dog can give a great sense of physical release. Pets are sources of laughter and joy, and they can provide nurturing support to both youngsters and adults during the trials of divorce.

If you are attempting to divide “custody” of your family’s pets, consider talking to a qualified divorce attorney. These professionals can help you learn more about your courtroom rights and responsibilities during your breakup.

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