Wife of Cuba Gooding Jr. Seeking Spousal Support in Divorce

It looks like famous actor Cuba Gooding Jr., known to many Maryland residents for his appearance in “Jerry Maguire,” may be showing his wife the money after the dissolution of their marriage. The pair, who have been married since 1994, recently announced that they intend to divorce. Gooding’s wife filed for the separation in a California court on April 21, according to reports.

Insiders say that the woman is seeking spousal support, though it is not exactly clear how much she is pursuing in connection with the breakup. She is seeking joint physical and legal custody of the pair’s minor children, ages 8 and 17. An older son, 19, is already in college.

The split may come as somewhat of a shock for fans of the 46-year-old Academy Award-winning actor; in January, he appeared on the daytime show “The View,” singing the praises of his long-lasting marriage. Gooding said that he appreciated the fact that his wife was able to play so many roles in their marriage. He also said that his wife was continuously evolving to meet the family’s needs, and he was extremely lucky to have her as a life partner.

The woman cited irreconcilable differences as the cause of the split.

In this case, the woman is a schoolteacher and Gooding is a high-powered actor. Their income levels are almost certainly disparate, so it makes sense that she would choose to pursue alimony in addition to general equitable property division. When one spouse makes a significantly higher wage or holds massive assets, that person may be required to not only divide marital property, but also provide continued financial support to an ex-spouse.

Source: The Los Angeles Times, “Cuba Gooding Jr.’s wife of 20 years files for separation” Nardine Saad, Apr. 23, 2014