Achieve Independence through Legal Separation

If you are suffering needlessly through a difficult marriage, you may be considering drafting a separation agreement. Even though Independence Day has passed, you could still enjoy the freedom associated with seeking legal separation from your current spouse. Today, we bring you several clues you might be in need of a permanent break from your husband or wife.

First, you might need to separate from your partner if obsessive thoughts about your relationship begin to dominate your thoughts. If you find yourself unable to focus at work, missing out on your friendships or fundamentally not enjoying life, you could be due for a breakup. If your relationship is causing you that much stress, you could need a breather. In addition, if you have feelings for someone else, you should definitely consider terminating your relationship. Managing a single relationship is difficult enough; you cannot be expected to share your time and energy with two serious partners.

If your partner has cheated on you a number of times, it may be time to declare independence from your current relationship. Serial infidelity is a major red flag. Everyone deserves more respect and better treatment than that afforded by cheaters. Similarly, if you find yourself losing your identity because you are adopting all of your partner’s decisions, you may need to get out of the relationship. If you are eating at vegan restaurants that you hate or attending a variety of social events that are unpleasant simply for your partner, you could need to check the relationship’s progress.

Your relationships should enhance your life. If you think you are being made more miserable by your current partnership, consider seeking a legal separation. Your qualified family attorney can help you learn more about your legal and financial options, explaining both divorce and legal separation. Do not suffer through a dissatisfying relationship alone; instead, consult an experienced lawyer to help you through the breakup.

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