Keep Your Stuff in Perspective During Divorce

Going through a divorce is emotionally difficult for a variety of reasons, but you may be struggling with one aspect of the process you might not expect: property division. Even though you may not really want to hang on to that old plate or set of silverware, you could find yourself embroiled in an intense argument over your possessions. Experts say it is critical to remember that property division during divorce simply deals with “stuff” – delaying the process because you want to keep certain items can keep your divorce from ending quickly. This could cause you to suffer longer and pay more in legal fees.

Some divorcees say they have found themselves hung up on small items of relatively little significance, largely because they are desperate to have some measure of control over their lives during divorce. One woman explains that she fought tooth and nail for a plate made of rocks that was purchased during her last vacation with her husband. Even after the couple had made arrangements for child custody, cars, homes and other major items, she found herself continuing to fight for the insignificant plate.

The woman realized that the fortune of attorneys’ fees spent on obtaining that plate could have been put to better use. In addition, she could have made better use of the time she spent seeking the plate, perhaps spending time with her children or making a delicious meal. She realized that holding on to the plate would not allow her to hold on to her ex-spouse. Keep in mind that you should be leaving the marriage with everything you came with, though. Items such as your grandma’s china and other heirlooms should be safe.

If you are struggling through a property division dispute in your divorce, be sure to use the services of a qualified attorney. These professionals can help you keep the items you value while making sure your divorce goes smoothly.

Source:, “Pick your battles, it’s just stuff” Amy Koko, Jul. 10, 2013