Getting a Divorce? There's an App for That: Smartphone Apps to Aid Post-Divorce Communications

One of the biggest challenges that many couples have post-divorce is communication. When you have children together, just because the marriage has ended does not mean that your relationship has ended. It will continue throughout your child’s life, but it will definitely change. If the divorce has been difficult or contentious, then you might have a hard time communicating with your former spouse. Since you still have to talk with them about all child-related issues, there are smart phone applications that will help ease the stress of trying to find a new way to interact with your former spouse.

  • Divorce log is an iOS and Android shared calendar that helps you keep track of divorce-related expenses, such as spousal and child support and parenting time schedules. It keeps everything in one place, and the information stored in the application can be easily shared with your divorce attorney.
  • 2Houses is an application that makes communicating about your child’s life easier when you are divorced. It features a shared calendar so that both parents can keep track of their kids’ schedules, and it notifies you when a calendar item has been updated.
  • iSplit Divorce is an iOS application for iPads with a version for clients and a “pro” version for attorneys. This application uses visual computing to help divorcing couples decide how they will split up their assets. It uses the same ten categories that the courts use and it assigns each asset category an icon. The icons can then be dragged and dropped easily and the application re-calculates the asset or debts value in real time.
  • Our Family Wizard is an application designed to simplify the challenges of co-parenting. It has a shared calendar, messaging, expense tracking and event updates to keep both parties informed of important dates and events.
  • Divorce Coping Tip of the Day. For those who are going through a divorce and who think it might be uplifting to receive a bit of encouragement and advice, this Android application offers daily bits of wisdom for those who are preparing to leave their spouse, going through divorce, and moving on with their lives.

As convenient as these applications can be, there will still be times when parents will actually have to speak to one another. But when all of the details are in order, and there is a paper trail for payments and event notifications, it can help eliminate the source of a lot of conflict between former spouses.

Working with an experienced Annapolis divorce attorney can help make sure that you understand the divorce process, that your interests are protected and that you have the legal support to handle all of the challenges that come with divorce and learning how to co-parent after the divorce is final. The trusted legal team at Cynthia H. Clark & Associates, LLC is here to advise you and represent your interests in a divorce. You may contact our firm today to arrange a consultation to discuss your case. We are proud to serve clients throughout Maryland.