Top Six Reasons Couples Divorce

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We all know that no one goes into a marriage thinking or intending to get divorced one day. People enter into a marriage with the best of intentions—til death do you part, or at the very least, a long happy marriage. Most people understand that a strong marriage takes work. But if you have given your marriage everything you can and it’s not working, it might be time to think about divorce.

Every couple is unique, every couple’s marriage is unique, and similarly, every couple’s divorce is unique. As divorce attorneys, however, we do see some of the same marital issues come up time and time again when dealing with the end of a marriage.

Common reasons Annapolis couples split up

Below, in no particular order, are six of the top reasons couples commonly separate and divorce.

  1. Finances. One of the main reasons couples seek marriage counseling is due to financial issues. Lack of money, differences in spending habits, or even inequality in earning, can lead to power struggles. These struggles can cause deep cracks in the relationship that can be difficult or impossible to repair.
  2. Infidelity: Extramarital affairs have led to the breakdown of many marriages. Today, with the prevalence of social media, infidelity can take many forms—not only face-to-face, but online or via text. Of course, the reasons why people might cheat are unique to each couple. For many people, infidelity is the biggest betrayal they can face, and this could be the final blow to an already weakened relationship.
  3. Lack of intimacy. Intimacy is not strictly limited to physical touch or sexual relations. It also means having a deep emotional connection. Sometimes we will hear a client describe their relationship with their spouse as being like roommates, or that they spend little time interacting with each other. In a strong marriage, each partner makes the other feel special, and if the intimacy is not there, a relationship is likely in trouble.
  4. Constant bickering. All married couples argue; that is perfectly normal. But a lack of resolution is a marriage killer. Many divorcing couples tend to repeat the same arguments—money, kids, work, chores, etc. If couples cannot see each other’s point of view, arguments remain unresolved and resentment grows. When two partners simply cannot see eye-to-eye on anything, divorce may be on the horizon.
  5. Addiction. Addiction to alcohol or drugs is another common, and unfortunate, reason people cite for divorce. Addiction can change a person’s priorities by placing alcohol and drug use over their spouse, child, finances, or work. A dependence on alcohol or drugs can put an entire family in danger and is typically the final straw in the decision to end a marriage.
  6. Marrying too young. Many couples divorce simply because they married young and were unprepared for the emotional and financial responsibilities of marriage. Research suggests couples who marry in their teens have a greater risk of divorce than couples who marry in their late 20s or early 30s.

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