Annapolis Attorneys Travel to Texas – Help with Asylum Seekers

Polly Peters (formerly of Peters & Clark, P.A.), along with two other Annapolis attorneys, will be traveling to the South Texas Family Residential Center in Dilley, TX to lend support to the on-site attorney who is currently processing asylum applications. “They have like 2,500 people at this prison and they have one full-time attorney there,” Polly told the Capital Gazette. “Hopefully, we can make a really big difference and impact.” Polly told the paper that even though she is not an immigration lawyer, “she hopes her experience with parents in stressful situations will be helpful.”

We are so proud of Polly and what she is doing to help these families. We are proud to support her efforts, and the efforts of our peers as they work towards reunifying parents and children. We invite you to read more about the upcoming trip.

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