What Should You Bring to an Initial Divorce Consultation?

A few things that you should bring to your initial divorce consultation. First, bring any pleadings that have already been filed in your case, whether they were served on you, or you did the serving.

Next, make sure to fill out and bring to your consultation the initial intake form. So, that document will give basic facts about your family, the assets that you all have, children – the whole nine yards.

The next thing that you want to make sure to bring is your last tax return and any pay stubs so that we can run a child support guideline if children are involved; or if there’s an alimony claim to be made, we can do an assessment using that financial data.

The last thing, probably most important, is to bring a list of questions. This is your first opportunity to ask everything that comes to mind, and you want to get maximum value from that initial consultation.

Thank you.

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