What to Expect at a Typical Divorce Mediation Session?

What typically happens at a mediation divorce session? First you should know that mediation is about you, so the mediator will expect to hear from you. You need to know what your position is and be able to articulate it and not just have one position, but have a back-up position in case your first position is not accepted by the opposing party.

Second you need to understand that mediation although often very successful in resolving a case, may not result in an initial settlement and so that’s okay. You can have more than one mediation session and ultimately you always have an opportunity to be heard by a judge.

Next you should understand that if your mediation does not result in a settlement and you have to have a judge hear your case, nothing that you said in mediation can be brought up in the trial. Mediation is confidential, so you’re not bound by a position that you took in the mediation.

The last thing you should know is that your mediator will take notes, but he or she will not draft your agreement, so one of the lawyers that’s present with you will have to draft that agreement for you. Thank you.

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