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Oct Oct 25, 2017

Maryland Child Support Enforcement Tools: Liens on Real Estate or Other Property

It is the responsibility of both parents to support a child financially. When one parent fails to pay his or her share of the costs, it often falls to the other parent to make up the difference. Fortunately, the state of Maryland has established a host of options for enforcing child support orders. The Maryland [...]

Oct Oct 11, 2017

2017 Maryland Family Law Updates

On Sunday, October 1, 2017, the new laws that were passed by the Maryland General Assembly went into effect. The new laws included several new, family law related laws which could have an impact on domestic violence, child support and other Maryland family law cases. We have highlighted a few of them here for you. [...]

Mar Mar 15, 2017

Is There Any Requirement for Child Support Accountability in Maryland?

When a marriage ends in divorce and that couple has children, the parent who has primary residential custody is often/frequently the parent who receives child support from the non-custodial parent. We often hear a lot of grumbling from non-custodial parents about how much child support they are forced to pay, and about their suspicions about [...]

Mar Mar 1, 2017

How to Challenge Paternity in Maryland When You Are Not the Father

If you are an unmarried man and your female partner has told you that you are the father of her child, but you are having doubts about it, there are steps that you can take to challenge paternity. If you are married and your wife has given birth to a child that you are certain [...]

Feb Feb 8, 2017

Stay Involved in Your Child’s Life after a Divorce

Divorce means the dissolution of the marriage, but when you have children your role as a parent will have to change after a divorce to comply with the laws. In Maryland, courts may grant primary residential custody to one parent over the other, which means that the child will live most of the time in [...]

Oct Oct 5, 2016

Contempt of Court Proceedings in Maryland Family Law Disputes

After the divorce is finally over and the judge has signed the divorce decree, both parties are obligated to comply with the order, which has the force of law. Typically, most people do obey the court's order (even if it is with some reluctance). However, there are those who take the law into their own [...]

Jul Jul 26, 2016

Establishing Paternity in Maryland for a Child Born Out of Wedlock

A child born to a non-married couple is entitled to support from both parents. Establishing paternity in Maryland for a child born out of wedlock is an important step to ensure that your child spends time with both of his or her parents, and that both parents contribute financially to the child’s upbringing. Benefits of [...]

Jun Jun 15, 2016

Watch What You Say on Social Media during Your Child Custody or Support Case

By now, we would hope that most people understand the ramifications of posting inappropriate comments on their social media profiles. When you are involved in a court proceeding as sensitive as a child custody hearing, you need to embrace the gravity of the situation, and remember that whatever you post online can potentially be used [...]

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